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Howdy, toonatics!

Welcome to my happy little asylum!

If you haven't been here before, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Thorne, a cartoon fan and fan artist. I particularly like Tiny Toon adventures, and you can frequently find me on the TTA-FANFIC mailing list, and the TinyToonAdventures Yahoo group.

On the Sea Duck

On the Sea Duck

A special commission for a good friend’s brother, a big TaleSpin fan, who is ill. You can’t see all that much of it in this picture, but I have always liked Becky’s formal gown.

Andy Confused

ATTEPUH - Andy Confused

Colored version of a drawing I made in Pepe’s ATTEPUH sketchbook at Anthrocon 07. Andy followed Dr. Lord out of the mansion, but he doesn’t realize that Lord has levitated high in the air for some privacy.

Thorne & Becky

Thorne and Becky

A gag sketch from Anthrocon. Maybe I like Rebecca a little TOO much!

HKU Bond


One difficulty with HKU having only initials for a name is that the James Bond introduction sounds kinda silly if you try to have him use it. The Bond Girl, of course, is Honey Bunny in her original colors, and roughly the shape she wore in Beauty and the Bunny.

Ice Cream!


Oh heck, everybody was doing Sparta jokes. And there is just something inherently funny about Hamton getting accidentally naked.

Chipper and Dalia

Chipper and Dalia

The twin children of Clarice Chipmunk, who bear an unsettling resemblance to a pair of chipmunk heros who were once in strenuous competition for her favors. Characters by Abel duSable.

Lil Stinker

Lil’ Stinker

Fifi poses on Pepe K’s car in the garage at Anthrocon 2005



Just a silly sketch.

Pyro & Fifi

Fifi & Pyro

Pyrocanis and Fifi, sketch from Anthrocon 2006, colored 2007

Pyrocanis © his player

This is the poster I made up for the TTA-Fanfic Party at Anthrocon.

The idea is that the party is happening in 1904, rather than 2004, so I drew a picture of a bunch of the people expected at the party in turn-of-the-century duds (more or less!). The original is 35" x 30," so the email in the corner is actually readable. That's not the case with this screen-size version, so if you want to read the note, click here!

Last year's poster featured a bunch of us having gone through the gender bender. See if you can figure uout who is who!

Kevin, TTA-Fanfic's own HKU, puts together a video program each year. With his input, I made a fancy DVD cover for the 2004 version.


Thorne's Adventures

Comics and gags with my furry counterpart and his friends.

Three of my favorite TTA fan characters, all dressed up and looking Amazing! Here's the Terrific Trio: Leloni Bunny, Babs, and The Incredible Werekitty!

Terrific Trio II: The Aftermath. Thorne has to make up to his lovely models over the costumes in that last picture. (This picture is kind of an odd size. Due to lack of planning, the original panel order didn't make much sense, so I've rearranged them a little!)

A glimpse at my romantic side? Maybe so! But I really must learn to be more careful!

This was done as a a Christmas card comic for Pepe K.

Holy smokes! Nekkid Toon Adventure won the #1 TTA-Fanfic Award for 2001! Wow, thanks a million, toonsters!! In honor of the occasion, here it is in full color.

Here's a silly little two-page comic, inspired by a discussion on toon fashions. Some toons, like Fifi, can run around naked all the time, but others must be clothed. Here I, or at least my Toony persona, tests the limits to find out if I, too, can be a nekkid toon: Thorne's Nekkid Toon Adventure, Page 1, Page 2
(Original b/w version: Page 1, Page 2)


My Sketchbook

Tiny Toons Fan Fiction Montages


What's a Thorne? (A page introducing my furry avatar)

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