Doctor Lord's revelations have left Fifi very confused and troubled. Meanwhile, lord himself is facing the danger of his own nature...

A Time to
Every Purpose
Under Heaven

The images featured on this page were inspired by Pepe K.'s ongoing story, "A Time to Every Purpose Under Heaven," often abbreviated "ATTEPUH". This long story, which is currently on its 10th part, has proved to be most fascinating. It is the story of an unusual toon skunk named Doctor Lord, and his relationships with the Tiny Toons and Looney Tunes.

All images © 2000/2001 Thorne (except at noted)
TTA/LT characters © and ™ Warner Bros.
Original characters © their respective creators.

Part 12 by Pepe K

Fifi has a confrontation with Montana Max, and Doctor Lord has a serious confrontation with the beast within. We see a little of Fifi's and Lord's spiritual lives, as she goes to church, and he... does his own thing, to borrow a line from Pepe. Next episode: the Toonsters hit the 3-d world!


Confrontation Rubella is defiant as she tries to face down Dr. Lord and Fifi

St. George's Church Fifi attends church with some of the other toonsters.

Part 10 and 11 by Pepe K

The story of Dr. Lord continues. We met more of Lord's associates, and learned another of his past identities. We also learned more about Fifi and Hamton's relationship, Fifi's past, and Hamton's interests.


Fowl Kiss. Shirley and Plucky share a tender moment.

Brake the Plane. Babs foils the Wackyloand cops.

Oink. Petunia wants something. It must have to do with that hormone treatment...

On the ground. Fifi and Hamton are a bit sore and very dirty after their first ride in an open-cockpit, rotary engine aeroplane.

Was it something I said? Fifi stalks away, upset, after Mae innocently breaks in on her discussion with Dr. Lord.

"Ahem". Mae Bear models her bathing suit for Lord.

Meet Doctor Lord. My first color picture of Doctor Lord, with Shirley.
(Originally released to the TTA-FANFIC mailing list in early 2000)

Fokker Flight. Doctor Lord takes Fifi and Hamton for a ride in his Fokker Dr I, a relic from his long and unusual past.

This picture was drawn by Pepe K, and colored by yours truely. The background is a frame from the video "Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation."


Here are my sketches for some earlier ATTEPUH segments:

Part 9

The story of Dr. Lord continues. We met more of Lords associates, and learned another of his past identities. We also learned more about Fifi and Hamton's relationship, Fifi's past, and Hamton's interests.


Under the street light. Fifi, distraught and confused after her conversation with Lord, wanders the streets, lost in thought.

Fifi's Scrapbook 1. A page from Fifi's scrapbook, with pictures of her with her father, and her childhood friend Mariette the Piglette.

Fifi's Scrapbook 2. Another page from Fifi's scrapbook, with pictures of her Jr. Prom date with Hamton, and a funny incident at the beach.

(And a nod to Pouncer, who created the related pictures that inspired the scene!)

En Guarde! Fifi plays with her fencing gear.

Meet Laika. One of Doctor Lord's allies, the sexy Slobovian jeriboa secret agent, Ms. Laika Tatyana Romanov. She didn't know her jumpsuit had been bugged, but Lord knew right away.

Three Friends. Three of Doctor Lord's closest friends: Contessa Veronica, Mae Bear, and Armando the Armadillo.
Part 8

Pepe's letting the cat, or the skunk, out of the bag, with lots of big revelations about Dr. Lord, Fifi, and the history of the real world!

Sketches: (You know the drill-click on the titles or the thumbnail pix to see the full size versions!)

Ghost. Dr. Lord startles Fifi with an impromptu performance of a ghostly bit of Shakespeare.
Trinity. Doctor Lord in 1945 New Mexico.
Here a couple of sketches for Part 7. What if Doctor Lord threw a party, and everyone came? Loads of cameos in this chapter, notably Kimba, Speed Racer, Batman and the cartoon Beatles
Not a Vegetarian. Slappy is uncomfortable with Dr. Lord's carnivorous grin.
Kimbaback Ride. Kimba, the White Lion, gives Fifi a ride through the maze.

Part 6:
Pepe's epic continues! I was a little uncomfortable with "Bugs the jerk," but there were some great character interactions. Daffy's Dada-esque art rampage was great.


Fifi's Dress. My impression of Fifi's beautiful dress, which Pepe mentions should be reminiscent of the Embassy Ball gown from "My Fair Lady."
Monster Pig. Bugs finds out why he really shouldn't get Porky upset!
Pork Bottom Art. Petunia, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, finds herself the "butt" of Daffy's Dadaesque sense of humor.



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