So What The Heck Is A Thorne?

Hiya, toonsters!



I'm a Tiny Toon Adventures fan, and a cartoon fan artist. Although I have yet to get around to producing a story, I enjoy lurking around on the TTA-Fanfic Mailing List, run by my good friend Kevin Mickel.

I manage to turn out the occasional fanfic-related picture, notably the TTA-Fanfic Montage series.

The name "Thorne" is borrowed from an undeveloped furry comic idea of mine, MouseTrap. It was to be a science fiction adventure/slice-of-life/sexy comedy type of thing, (hey, just what the world needs, right?) featuring a mouse named Rose Thorne. She was the dashing captain of a smallish space freighter

called the Sleight-of-Paw, and with her loyal crew (a male mouse named Patch) she flew around the galaxy trying to make a living and getting in trouble.

Alas, MouseTrap has remained a fuzzy (no pun intended) idea. Sometime later, needing an online nickname, I borrowed Rose's last name.

Later still, I needed an image for Thorne when someone was putting together a group picture of the TTA-Fanfic gang, so I put together a little model sheet of a bespectacled male mouse with a ponytail and a loud shirt, and here I am!

(And here I am dressed as Lola. Definitely NOT a doll.)

Rose Thorne and Patch


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