Hiya, Toonsters! Here's my latest sketches inspired by stories posted on the TTA-Fanfic mailing list. Here also are my comments and thoughts on the stories. You can safely ignore that part.

I haven't drawn a picture for every story, necessarily. Time is scarce, and I just do what I can. Authors, please don't take it as criticism if I've missed you story. I certainly don't mean it that way!

Mind you, these are just MY ideas of what things might look like. They're not official, approved, cannon, or anything like that! If you want to know what these people and things really look like, READ THE STORIES, and use your own imagination.

Warning- There might be a spoiler or two in the sketches, so maybe you oughta read the stories first, eh?

All images © 2001 Thorne
TTA/LT characters © and ™ Warner Bros.
Original characters © their respective creators.

A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven by Pepe K

There are a few more sketches from Pepe's epic on my ATTEPUH page. Click on Doctor Lord to go there!



A ripping yarn! A very good Tiny Toons story, and a very good parody of the classic monster films. Buster and Babs are very much in character as they deal with being relegated to the supporting cast. Lots of great references, puns, and gags. Also plenty of cameos by people on the Tiny Toons mailing lists.

Also lots of romantic mush. I like romantic mush. :-)


Wait for me! My cameo in Feefzilla: Thorne races after the 40-story cutie with his sketchbook in hand.

LEAVE MAH PIGGY ALONE! Feefzilla chides Wile E. and Andy Fox for questioning Hamton too forcefully.

Search for the Past on the Road to the Future by Kelly Barina

An interesting story. It seemed to me that poor Buster was suffering from an awful lot of teen angst in the beginning, and it was making him terribly bitchy! :-) In that regard, I was reminded a bit of Dark Helmet's "Far Behind," where the characters had very strongly developed, interesting personalities — that were not very much like my idea of their personalities.

The adventure Buster and Plucky had in the city was exciting, and meeting his new household was interesting. I would have liked to see more description of the various characters - it's the artist in me. :-) Upon reviewing the scene, I think I goofed on the picture. I think the bunny in the tattered short shorts was meant to be Cassidy, not Elsa. Whoops!


Duck's Reward. Shirley gives Plucky the kiss she promised. Doesn't he look happy?

Uh Oh. Buster and Plucky face the street gang.

Dancers At The Edge Of Eternity by Sean Campbell

A fascinating, serious science fiction adventure crossing TTA, Dr. Who, Animaniacs, War of the Worlds, Yojimbo, and I'm not sure what else! A whole bunch of fictional characters find themselves very much alive and stranded together in a strange land. Read it!


Annoyed Skunk. "Vous will not get away with zis." Fifi thinks Larry and his friends are responsible for transporting the tonsters to this strange, new world — and she's not at all happy about it.
Combat Duck. Plucky hurls a petrol bomb (Molotov cocktail, to us Yanks) at the Martian War Machine.
Watchers on the Cliff. Fifi, Zanzibar and Larry, the narrator, enjoy the sunset.

LaFume by Sean Campbell

Another interesting speculative piece from Mr. Campbell (Is there something funny in the water over there in Ireland? :-) )

What if a Fifi fanboy was so attracted to Fifi that he brought her to life in the mundane world by sheer force of will? Trouble is, she's not REALLY Fifi LaFume from Acme Acres, and maybe she doesn't want him to keep her all to himself. And if he has such a strong imagination, what else might he conjure up?


Studying. Ersatz Fifi studies hard to learn about her namesake's life and friends on Tiny Toons.

Rite of Passage by Kieron Wells ( Dark Helmet ).

A strange new toon shows up in town, as Shirley is going through some difficult changes.


Like, whoops. Fifi tries to help when Shirley's powers go haywire. The water, sadly, didn't help much.

A Year in the Life by Lady Iapetus

This slice-of-life narrative follows Sassy Warner, Yakko Warner's twin sister(!), who is attending classes and working part-time at Acme Looniversity .


Sneak Thief. Sassy sleeps soundly as a mysterious figure tried to steal the master print of Wakko's Wish.

Smooch. Camity shyly plants one on Sassy.

Stumbling Down Memory Lane by Luke

Luke's bunny character Shelby is back in a short slice-of-life type story. Shelby takes Buster, Babs, and Shirley to one of the places he stayed in his wanderings. He also reveals his deep, dark secret to Shirley.


Storm Watcher. Shelby enjoys watching the storm outside the window.

My Girlfriend's Back by Luke

Heavy stuff from Luke! Babs is hit by a truck, and she actually dies of it(!). However, dead or not, she's not quite ready to leave Acme Acres.

Lots of good character interaction as the toonsters come to grips with Babs's death, un-death, and death again.


AAAAAHHHH! Buster is a bit startled when Babs shows up in his burrow.

Good-bye, with friends. Babs is surrounded by her best buddies as she finally lets go.

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