Hiya, Toonsters! Here's some more sketches inspired by recent TTA-Fanfic stories. These are just MY ideas of what things might look like. They're not official, approved, cannon, or anything like that! If you want to know what these people and things really look like, READ THE STORIES, and use your own imagination.

Warning- There might be a spoiler or two in the sketches, so maybe you oughta read the stories first, eh?

All images © 2000 Thorne
TTA/LT characters © and ™ Warner Bros.
Original characters © their respective creators.

A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven, Pt.8 by Pepe K

Pepe's letting the cat, or the skunk, out of the bag, with lots of big revelations about Dr. Lord, Fifi, and the history of the real world!

Sketches: (You know the drill-click on the titles or the thumbnail pix to see the full size versions!)

Ghost. Dr. Lord startles Fifi with an impromptu performance of a ghostly bit of Shakespeare.
Trinity. Doctor Lord in 1945 New Mexico.
Here a couple of sketches for Part 7. What if Doctor Lord threw a party, and everyone came? Loads of cameos in this chapter, notably Kimba, Speed Racer, Batman and the cartoon Beatles
Not a Vegetarian. Slappy is uncomfortable with Dr. Lord's carnivorous grin.
Kimbaback Ride. Kimba, the White Lion, gives Fifi a ride through the maze.

Kith by Abel DuSable

A ripping TTA adventure in script format. Buster and Babs are siblings?! Suddenly both bunnies are up to their oversized ears in amorous suitors. Don't miss this one, folks.


The Revelation. Private Investigator Abel DuSable breaks the news the Buster and Babs used to be wombmates.

(And Babs's phone buddy Harriet spots a suddenly eligible blue bunny bachelor!)

Doe meets Deer. Vinnie the Deer, never a shy one, demonstrates his affection for Babs.

Hellooo, Coach!. Buster is a leeeetle nervous when he finds himself having a romantic candlelit dinner with Lola.

Buster and Babs Bunny: Relation?

by Don Speirs, Rebecca Littlehales, Kevin Mickel, and Mike Cote

The looooooong awaited sequel to the Buster and Babs trilogy, written by much of the Mondo Negatory Tiny Toons crew! Ironically, this story came out the same month as Kith, and it features another scenario where Buster and Babs find out they are long-lost twins!


Just Up. Babs comments on Buster's disheveled early-morning appearance.

(In spite of the theory advanced in discussion, I don't think she spoke of country matters ;-) )

The Marks. Bugs compares the fateful birthmarks on Buster's and Babs's hands.

The Villians. Ramona finds out that Roddy and Ruby are not to be trusted. Well, duh.

Bitter. Babs is not taking the news that her entire life has been based upon a lie very well.

The Prankster III: Not Him Again! by Michael M.

Michael's tales of the troublesome Prankster continues! Who is it this time?


I'm no guinea pig! Babs finds herself drafted to be the first experimental toon to go into Calamity's Toon Modifier 3000.

The rootinist tootinest dang nab bunny in the west. Babs's Yosemite Sam impression wants to have a word with Bugs and Buster.
Coaxing Super Babs. Hamton takes advantage of Super Babs's super weakness — carrot cake!
Like, double your pleasure, double your Loon. Finding himself alone with two Shirleys, Plucky promptly offends them both.
Meet the Prankster! This is the original Prankster, from Prankster I. We'll just have to wait and see who it is this time! (This mask would show a little purple fur at the forehead and beside the eyes; I'm assuming that it's a toon thing that causes "his" never to notice).

Wicked Ways 3: The Fine Lines by Kieron Wells ( Dark Helmet ).

The continuing adventures of Vicky Blake, the former Eve Ill.


New Look for Max. From Wicked Ways 1: Eve Ill gives Montana Max a new look He's, uh, not really taken with it.

Perfecto Problems. Making the former Perfecto students attend Acme Looniversity caused a few problems.

Meet Vicky. An attempt to visualize the new Vicky and her unpleasant father.

Furrball's World:

These sketches were inspired by the Bloomin' Loonies series-

He's drrrreamy! Ruby's sister Roberta is quite taken with the handsome Nigel.

Nigel and Rue times 3:
Nigel knocks down, apologizes to, and kisses RuBarb in Bloomin' Loonies 2 1/2.

        He approached her timidly, knowing full well that this time, he
    deserved to be carved like so much roast beef. "R... Rue?"
        "Well, don't just stand there," she suggested. "Help me up!"
        "Oh! Right!" He did, and then nervously looked at her. "Um...
    I'm sorry..."
        "You keep _telling_ me that!" Rue declared, brushing herself off.
        "I know. Creature of habit," Nige said. 
        "Well, don't feel bad. It was my fault."
        Nigel interrupted her. "Look, before anything else disastrous  
    happens, Rue, I... I still want to apologize for what I said earlier
    today. It was stupid, I know..."
     "Yes, it warn't too brilliant, were it?" Rue smiled. "I probably
    overreacted, too... Look, Nigel, tell you what... next time I start to
    say something stupid, kiss me, will you?"
        "Only if you do the same for me, luv..."
        "Gee, in that case, we'd never come up for air," Rue blurted. "Er,
    what I mean is..." Nigel pulled her close and planted a kiss on her
    that threatened to cut off both of their oxygen supplies. She purred
    and responded by wrapping her luxurious tail around the two of them.

(Excerpted from TTA: THE BLOOMIN' LOONIES 2 1/2: "Football: It's STILL A Looney Old Game..." by Jerry D. Withers and Jennifer Cleckley)


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