Hiya, Toonsters! Here's some more sketches inspired by recent TTA-Fanfic stories. These are just MY ideas of what things might look like. They're not official, approved, cannon, or anything like that! If you want to know what these people and things really look like, READ THE STORIES, and use your own imagination.

Warning- There might be a spoiler or two in the sketches, so maybe you oughta read the stories first, eh?

All images © 2000/2001 Thorne
TTA/LT characters © and ™ Warner Bros.
Original characters © their respective creators.

A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven by Pepe K

I've collected the sketches inspired by ATTEPUH onto a new page! Click on Doctor Lord to go there!


The Legend of Toon Park by Erik McDarby

A work in progress by Erik Mouse. An autobiographical adventure, where Erik, a human boy, meets a number of toon characters, including Buster Bunny and his own toon counterpart, and goes on an adventure with them.

The story is written from an unusual, dreamlike point of view that takes some getting used to.

This story introduces an interesting idea. The toon characters can become plushies, stuffed toy animals, in order to hide from inquisitive humans or recuperate from injuries.


Secret Room. Erik is amazed to discover a secret room off of his own basement playroom. Inside, he and Buster find Ivan Bunny in his dormant, plush form.

Too Small. Erik dubiously examines the bunny costume. How's he gonna fit in that thing?

The author tells me that he does not wear glasses, and he showed me pictures of the actual plushies that inspired his original characters. They should look considerably less like Tiny Toons characters.


by Razorback Jack

This is a very bizarre, violent science fiction-type adventure, also a work in progress, about a very unpleasant cyborg assassin in Acme Acres. His intended victim? Lola Bunny, wife of Principal Bugs!

Note: The character "Camry Curvaceous" is copyright (©) Jeremy Jurrens, 1996. When I drew her in the TTA-FANFIC Montage 2 picture for his story, Transfer Student, Jeremy enjoyed the picture but said specifically that he would not confirm that she looked like that, prefering to leave her appearance up to his readers. Hence, this may not look like her either, though I did try to base her on his descriptions!


Violation Poster. A somewhat disturbing movie-poster style image suggested by the author.

The author responded, saying he wished that this were less "toony", more gritty and realistic, with Lola in a less extreme pose and her mouth smaller. He would rather see the story name in a Universal Wide type of font, and the bullet is totally different.

Homicide n' Camry. Homicide the Cyborg recruits an ally.

The author notes that Homicide should look less like "Duke Nukum," and more like Pierce Brosnon. His cybernetic eye apparently is wider than it is shown in the sketch, and more angular. He wears some form of body armor.

Shocked Fox. Camry, on a mission to gather information about Lola, tracks down her quarry...showering in the girls' locker room.

The author seemed worried that this scene might be getting too adult. I thought it was a funny scene, and wanted to show that it could be done tastefully.

Now, would that brazen Camry really be so shocked to see Lola in the fur? :-)

"The Return to the ACME Acres Zone"

By Jochen Beer a.k.a. Alex Bunny (buster_bunny82@hotmail.com)

A new bunny, named Alex, appears outside Buster's burrow, and is joined by the usual gang on a mission to the scary part of Wackyland. On the way, he meets Sam, a cute doe bunny who becomes his love intrest.


Heeeer's Alex!. Buster helps Alex out of his strangely human-shaped crater.

Good Morning in Wackyland. The gang wakes up after camping out in Wackyland.

"New Kid in Town"

By "Luke"

Another story about a new rabbit coming to Acme Acres. This bunny, Shelby, has a secret that apparently caused him a great deal of trouble in his old home, and which he fears will alienate Buster and Babs as well.


Please, God. Shelby prays in the grove.

Aw, c'mere. Babs lets Shelby know that his difference doesn't trouble her.

In case you didn't check it out yet- :-)


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