Hiya, Toonsters! Here's a sampling of my sketchbook stuff that's been inspired by recent
TTA-Fanfic stories. These are just MY ideas of what things might look like. They're not official, approved, cannon, or anything like that! If you want to know what these people and things really look like, READ THE STORIES, and use your own imagination.

Warning- There might be a spoiler or two in the sketches, so maybe you oughta read the stories first, eh?

All images © 2000 Thorne
TTA/LT characters © and ™ Warner Bros.
Original characters © their respective creators.

All That Glitters... by Paul Zook

I love a Hamton and Fifi story. :-) This does seem like the kind of high drama / high libido stuff that goes on in High School. Using Shirley in the role of the meddling friend was an nice touch!

Sketches: (You know the drill-click on the titles or the thumbnail pix to see the full size versions!)

Fifi's Dress. Fifi all dressed up for her date with Philip Skunk. I'm still not quite sure exactly where the neckline oughta go on this one, since I want it low enough to be daring, but high enough that she won't be totally topless if a few buttons come undone!


Meet Candy. Candy Vixen, who comes to Acme Loo to spill the dirt about her relationship with Philip. I was caught out by a certain ignorance of terminology regarding female-type clothes, but Paul helped me out! :-)

Too Strong. Fifi is disconcerted when Philip comes on too strong after their date. BTW, they're really supposed to be standing beside the bed, not sitting on it-I took a little artistic license.

A Time To Every Purpose Under Heaven, Pt.6 by Pepe K

Pepe's epic continues! I was a little uncomfortable with "Bugs the jerk," but there were some great character interactions. Daffy's Dada-esque art rampage was great.

I hope to see more about the TTA characters in the next one. I'm also looking forward to the time-travel adventure that's been hinted at.


Fifi's Dress. Fifi dresses up for a party in this story, too! This is my impression of her outfit, which Pepe mentions should be reminiscent of the Embassy Ball gown from "My Fair Lady."
Monster Pig. Bugs finds out why he really shouldn't get Porky upset!
Pork Bottom Art. Petunia, dressed as Sherlock Holmes, finds herself the "butt" of Daffy's Dadaesque sense of humor.


"If Wishes Were Horses..." by Jerry D. Withers

Interesting stuff about Ruby's family. Introduced Denys Rat, Ruby's father. Wait, who was the villain who _looked like_ Ruby's dad in one of the earlier stories? phooey, I gotta go get caught up again!

Anyway, while I'm doin' that, here's my impression of Ruby's family. Roberta is based on Leloni's terribly cute model sheet.

More from Furrball's World:

These sketches were inspired by the Bloomin' Loonies series-

RuBarb, the gorgeous black kitten from many of Jerry's stories.

Nigel Carrotte, albino rat from the Bloomin' Loonies series

Nigel kisses Rue in Bloomin' Loonies 2 1/2

        "Yes, it warn't too brilliant, were it?" Rue smiled. "I probably
    overreacted, too... Look, Nigel, tell you what... next time I start to
    say something stupid, kiss me, will you?"
        "Only if you do the same for me, luv..."
        "Gee, in that case, we'd never come up for air," Rue blurted. "Er,
    what I mean is..." Nigel pulled her close and planted a kiss on her
    that threatened to cut off both of their oxygen supplies. She purred
    and responded by wrapping her luxurious tail around the two of them.

(Excerpted from TTA: THE BLOOMIN' LOONIES 2 1/2: "Football: It's STILL A Looney Old Game..." by Jerry D. Withers and Jennifer Cleckley)



Before and after- Miranda's skateboarding outfit, and her spin-change rock star costume, which Nigel thought resembled the letter "V."

       "Hi, guys,"
  she beamed as she came to a sudden stop. She was wearing a fluorescent
  lime green spandex jersey and shorts (with matching helmet) and bright
  orange wrist, elbow and knee pads.
       "Hi, luv," Leo smiled. "You know, in that outfit, you're a sight
  for sore eyes."
       "I _am_?"
       "Yes. It hurts to look at you." Miranda flattened Leo with a
  roundhouse to the breadbasket. "OOOF!"
     Miranda perked up instantly at that suggestion. "Really? 'Cos I've
  always wanted to be in a band myself!" She then executed a rapid spin
  change into a femme fatale rock persona, complete with electric guitar
  and an extremely (but not _too_) revealing outfit, which set the guys to
  drooling and Liz to wondering if it wasn't too late to move back to
       "Nige?" Leo asked in a stupor.
       "Yes?" Nige replied, equally dumbstruck.
       "Wot's that she's almost wearin'?"
       "Can't say for sure. Looks like the letter 'V'..." Miranda struck a
  chord, and the Carrottes' mouths dropped through the sidewalk. It was

(Excerpted from THE BLOOMIN' LOONIES $4.95 (Marked down from $9.98):
again by Jerry D. Withers and Jennifer Cleckley)

Addendums and Corrections-

There were a couple of problems with my title card picture for Bloomin' Loonies 2. I had forgotten to do any shading on Rue's dress, and more importantly, I found a typo in one of the authors' names (Who is this Jerry T. Withers person?!). Anyway, here it is, a little brighter, a little better: